Our specialization extends beyond the production of individual or modular tools. We also build automatic lines, single-purpose custom-made devices, small gauges and test jigs for our customers, the production and assembly of which require close cooperation at every stage.

The most important phases of cooperation include in particular:

Cooperation in the division of production processes, for example

  • creating layouts of specific workplaces
  • preparation of calculations for machines and equipment

the building itself, for example

  • handing over the equipment to the customer
  • implementation of small calibres and test jigs
  • optimization of production processes

and the equipment „tuning“ to its final parts, for example

  • assessment of the equipment and proposals for improving its technical condition
  • possibility of implementing the capabilities of the facility and the MSA
  • time cycle calculations
  • designs and implementation of technology time cycle reduction

Furthermore, complex warranty and post-warranty services of the delivered equipment are a matter of course.