• Production of die-cutting, bending and combined tooling from tooling steel or tungsten carbide (up to approximately 300 x 600 mm)
  • Production of high-precision modular tooling from tool steel or tungsten carbide (up to 1,500 mm long)
  • Preparation of injection molds for plastic processing (up to approximately 300 x 600 mm)
  • Production of die-cut and mold parts
  • Production of assembly and single purpose devices

The technology we use and the qualification of our technicians ensure high precision and quality of all products.

Upon request, we design tooling, molds and other products in-house. We use a  AUTOCAD 2007, Invertor Suite 2014, and other software. After testing the products, we can produce a pilot run and subsequently any volume requested by the customer.

Other activities:

  • Drop stamping
  • Die pressing on a Bruderer BSTA 41 press

Contact us with requests for other production. We will answer all inquiries.

Progressive tooling

Die-cutting layouts